2011-09-14 cli Work on SMTPTransport.
2011-09-13 cli Work on SMTP authentification for ML sender
2011-09-13 cli Move default db to /var/spool/news/sonews/sonewsdb
2011-09-13 cli Remove binary files in lib/
2011-09-13 cli Rename sonews.conf.sample to sonews.conf
2011-09-12 cli Add debian/sonews.install and modify sonews.conf.sample to place database in /var/news/sonews/.
2011-09-12 cli Remove troubling line from debian/control.
2011-09-12 cli Change binary package name sonews-server to server
2011-09-11 cli Reformatting Article class code.
2011-09-11 cli Fix for issue #17. Error when posting to mailinglist is now reported back to user as NNTP error.
2011-09-11 cli Fix for #14
2011-09-11 cli Merge Channel and Group classes.
2011-09-11 cli Complete XDAEMON GROUPFLAG subcommand.
2011-09-10 cli Work on XDaemon command
2011-09-10 cli HSQLDB backend support completed, but untested.
2011-06-07 cli Work on hsqldb support
2011-06-07 cli Adapt config sample to use hsqldb
2011-06-06 cli Add HSQLDB stubs and reformat some source files.
2011-05-04 cli Update debian control file
2011-05-04 cli Refactoring.
2010-08-30 cli Some work on XDAEMON command.
2010-08-29 cli Implement JDBCDatabase.update(Article) method to fix issue #7.
2010-08-29 cli Switch intent style to Original K&R / Linux / Kernel.
2010-08-29 cli Add some checks to prevent #13 happen.
2010-08-29 cli Moving source files into src/-subdir.
2010-08-29 cli Merge heads.
2010-08-29 cli Article(javax.mail.Message) now has a safe method to read the byte body from the given message object (fixes #16).
2010-06-30 bei added build.xml + small bugfix
2010-05-12 cli Group.getByName() removed. Channel.getByName() does no longer catch StorageBackendExceptions but throw them further.
2010-05-09 cli The StorageBackendException is catched two times so that the user see the "500 internal server error" only at the second catch (probably fixes #5).
2010-05-01 cli Refactor logging to fix NullPointerException.
2010-05-01 cli Make mailinglist gateway more reliable, probably.
2010-04-27 cli Fix for #567 "mailinglist gateway does not recover after database outage".
2010-04-27 cli Introduce more advanced help system (#565).
2009-12-25 cli Fix for too early disconnects on slow client connections. (#563)
2009-08-26 cli Some changes to storage interface.
2009-08-26 cli Proper reply on XDAEMON GROUPADD if group already existing (#551).
2009-08-26 cli Not longer required to restart server when changing peering settings (#547).
2009-08-24 cli Refactoring in CommandSelector to allow manually loading of plugins.
2009-08-24 cli Add stubs for org.sonews.acl and add method "impliedCapability" for org.sonews.command.Command interface.
2009-08-21 cli Fix for last commit.
2009-08-21 cli Fix for #549.
2009-08-20 cli #544 fixed.
2009-08-20 cli Issue #538 fixed.
2009-08-20 cli Started refactoring the Log system to use java.util.logging classes.
2009-08-20 cli Fix #548: API change; changed parameter type of Storage.getGroupsForList()
2009-08-20 cli Remove aggregated group stubs and fix #543.
2009-08-20 cli Merging fixes from sonews/1.0.3
2009-08-17 cli Fix wrong handling of byte values > 127 in ArticleInputStream.
2009-08-12 cli Skip comments in commands.list file.
2009-08-12 cli Merge fix from sonews-1.0.
2009-08-12 cli Disable strict parsing of email addresses.
2009-08-12 cli PullFeeder sends an addition "MODE READER" to peers.
2009-08-06 cli Removing doc subdir which resides now in sonews-doc repository.
2009-08-06 chris Removing tags as they point to invalid changesets after history refactoring.
2009-07-28 chris Update doc.
2009-07-22 chris sonews/1.0.0
2009-07-01 chris sonews/0.5.1 fixes merged
2009-06-26 chris Hooray... sonews/0.5.0 final
2009-01-20 chris Initial import.